~ The greatest art we can create is love for one another. ~

Love and Guts Art Wares

Hello! I'm Amber, and I love to make neat things using materials that make my heart and eyes party - especially things that bring healing into my life!

I hope my work joins the many wonderful voices that encourage us to freely be who we love being. ♥ 

So why "love and guts"..? 
When I was teen-ish, I signed notes to my friends this way, as if to say, "i love you with my heart, and all the gritty rest of me." As a business name, Love and Guts refers to the reason I love creating things and want to share them. I believe in the validity of our art; it is worth the effort and risk to face our fears and do what our hearts dream. ...To live life with love... and guts!  ♥


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